Camera Store In Ny - Nikon Coolpix L18 Digital Camera Price.

Camera Store In Ny

camera store in ny

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camera store in ny - Built E-HCS-D07

Built E-HCS-D07 Built Small Hoodie Camera Case (Brown)

Built  E-HCS-D07 Built Small Hoodie Camera Case (Brown)

The Built Hoodie in brown keeps cameras shielded from the elements of rain, snow and accidental drops. Using two materials that provide a yin-yang construction, the Hoodie has a hard, durable EVA plastic backbone to give camera screens extra protection from accidental drops that is covered in a soft neoprene exterior that securely holds and stretches to accommodate a wide range of cameras. The neoprene exterior stretches to offer a fold-over hood that both secures a camera in place and covers an interior hidden pocket that is perfect for storing memory cards and extra batteries. For added convenience, the Hoodie comes with a wrist or belt strap. The Hoodie from Built is machine washable, available in black, brown, wood grain black and Soho Stripe. Design, durability and style - Built for you.

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I've been using the 7 years old Nikon D50 a lot, and the D7000 has been sitting in its bag for over a month, the reason? The tiny D50 looks like a point and shot camera next to the big and heavy D7000 with grip, and I find it very unconformable for walk-around specially if I carry it all day in my messenger bag. Unless you do side-by-side comparison shots at high ISO, nobody would ever tell the difference between pictures coming from these cameras.

NY Apple Store

NY Apple Store

Another photo of NY Apple Store. <3
I miss NY... i_i

So, this tuesday we had the start of Restaurant Week again! ^__^
Today I had lunch with a friend in a little, but delicious, restaurant here in the neighbourhood... x3
I came back home rolling walking... Because we ate too much! xDD
The dessert was the *best* one! *__*

And today my father killed me: "- what's the meaning for ekusutashi?" XDDDDD

camera store in ny

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