Cheap Casio Camera

cheap casio camera

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Harrison Ave Pano

Harrison Ave Pano

My work made me take home this janky ass Casio TRYX ("tricks" not "tri-x") camera to "test it out"... yeah... cheap and lazy creative features aside this camera is a total joke. But I did manage to document an otherwise totally un-photogenic evening with the thing and the weird results are somewhat accurate to describe the evening. It probably helped the enhance the night, actually... hmmm.

Condensed 80s

Condensed 80s

Casio MT-40, Casio MT-46, Casio PT-80 and Yamaha PS-3. I let the camera pic f8.0 which softens the image a bit, oops. f5.6 seems to give the crispest pictures in good light but there was a bit too much light around when I took this. Must get a barrel and some ND filters. Or maybe just buy a DSLR, which would probably be cheaper!

cheap casio camera

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